Beginning of DNAHealthMap

Our company’s co-founders (Sajung & Sijung Yun) are identical twin brothers. They both share many things, including a love for understanding genes. In fact, they decided to co-teach a graduate course at Johns Hopkins University called "Tools for Genome Analysis". While teaching the course and as an act of filial piety, they decided to sequence and analyze their parents' DNA while they still could. After analysis, the twins were shocked to see that their father had two genetic mutations that cause Gastrostromal Intestinal Tumors. These mutations are from a very rare type of cancer. In fact, it’s so rare that the incidence is literally 1 in a million people. Six years ago, their father went through stomach resection surgery because of this cancer. However, instead of regretting that they didn’t do this 10 years ago to prevent it or detect the cancer early, they decided to provide this opportunity to others.

That was the beginning of DNAHealthMap.


We envision to help people prevent or early detect susceptible diseases by sequencing all 20,000 genes to prolong people's healthier lives.


We identify one's genetically susceptible diseases using Next Generation Sequencing Technology.
We provide personalized health education for early symptoms of diseases in elevated risks through our telemedicine platform.



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