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Precision Medicine Consultation Certificate Program

Certificate Course Overview

Earn your precision medicine certificate by completing 15 credits online courses.  Each course comprises of 13 hours of video lectures and 2 hours of interactive personal training.  Overall grade of B or higher is required to earn the certificate.  With successful completion of the precision medicine consultation certificate program, you could consult your specialities in relation to precision medicine.

Mandatory Courses

  • (3 credits)  Introduction to Precision Medicine
  • (3 credits)  Introduction to Next Generation                                        Sequencing and Genomics

Elective Courses

  • (4 credits)  Principles of Bioinformatics

  • (3 credits)  Complex Common Diseases and their                            Genetic Relevance 

  • (3 credits)  Cancer and Genomics

  • (3 credits)  Practical ‘R’

  • (2 credits)  Pharmacogenomics

  • (2 credits)  Genetics of Rare Diseases 

  • (2 credits)  Genetics for Nutrition and Fitness

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